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Michael Pedersen RAD summer

As written a few months back Michael has been stacking clips through out the summer from the streets of Copenhagen. He’s now put them together for us to sit back and enjoy as he shreds all kinds of different, creative spots in town. enjoy!

The Wonderkid from Jutland

Ever since I met Daniel for the first time many years back he’s been on such a high level of skating. His techincal abilities are way beyond my understanding it’s like he doesn’t even have a switch foot. Here’s a leftover profile to support my argument. I suppose the real clips will show up in the new Razors video. Take a look after the jump!

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Christian Berg shredding through the summer

Christian Berg has made an edit from his skating throughout the summer. It seems like he’s had a good and very productive summer although he was out for quit some time due to a knee injury. None the less this edit is dope as hell and you should definitely check it out after the jump!

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SRSC finale in Copenhagen

Tomorrow it is. The Scandinavian Real Street Contest finals in Copenhagen. The weather seems promising so there’s no excuse to not come to this amazing event. Everything worth knowing about when and where you’ll find here. Come join the pre-session today at Nørrebroparken at. 18.00. It’s gonna be a blast!

Roskilde Festival ’12

Every year Roskilde Festival hosts some of the best pro skaters to skate, drink beers and have a good time. This year was no exception as skaters like John Bolino, Montre Livingston, Jeff Stockwell and Richie Eisler attended. Michael Pedersen and Casper Cordua was there to capture these living legends skating throughout the week. Watch the first to edits after the jump!

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Killing rails

Alex Popovic just finished his support edit for Hedon Skate. It’s a demonstration on how to destroy every kind of rail on skates – high, low, long even shot gun rails! The last trick will blow your mind. Watch it after the jump!

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Michael down under

Michael Pedersen went to Australia about a year ago to skate, have a good time and meet some new friends. He just finished up his edit from his trip and guess what? It’s pretty damn good. Watch it and get juiced for more tricks from Michael. I know he’s ripping pretty hard recently and he’ll most likely have a street section come out any time soon. As always; watch it after the jump!

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5 quickies in NBP

Saturday I took out my brand new fisheye to Nørrebroparken to see if anybody was willing to film a few tricks. Lucky for me, Otto Clausen showed up and gave us a lesson on how the new schoolers – some might say the Younggunz – are ripping. Filming was done my me and Ronni Skovmand. He also edited the piece. Watch it after the jump! I filmed a lot of other tricks which I might as well put together when I get my SD-card back.

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SSM Bolino Pro skate

John Bolino has finally got himself a pro skate. I have no idea why this hasn’t happened sooner as he’s been shredding on such a high level for so long. Watch the promotional video after here – SSM JOHN BOLINO. It’s just as raw and mind blowing as you’d expect from this guy! Congratulations Jon Jon!

Cops smoke grass

Andrew Jacuzzi’s part from “Regardless” is just way too sick! I’ve seen this about a 100 times and all I can think after each watch is that I.WANT.MORE! Definitely pro material. Watch the section after the jump!

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Secret Audience

New online feature from Andrew Nemo featuring the likes of the Kelso brothers, John O’Donnell, David Sizemore, Mark Wojda and other. This is a great watch and very inspirational. Good song choices too. Watch it after the jump!
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Take Your Time with Gregory Preston

Gregory and his friend Kieth just got to Copenhagen yesterday and will stay here for two months. Greg just did a really cool profile for the video which he also helped to direct, edit and shoot called Take Your Time. Watch his profile after the jump or watch the whole video by clicking here.
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